Millbrook costs - 2024
2 Hour minimum - £228 plus VAT
4 Hours - £380 plus VAT
1 Hour thereafter - £95 plus VAT

Millbrook don’t require a particular arrival time or commitment to how much time will be spent at the venue, we simply turn up, sign in and use the facility for as long as required, with the time spent inside the areas that are chargeable being recorded by a tracker that we carry in the vehicle. We are able to leave the chargeable areas, for a coffee break or lunch for example, and then return as and when we wish.

The charge for time spent is then paid by card upon leaving and I tend to request that clients bring the means to do this. Clients then have control of the costs in real time and the transparency that you only pay for what you use.

Public Liability Insurance – Only required for Millbrook
There is a charge £120 to cover this cost in order to simply gain access to the venue. An important point to remember is that this does NOT cover your car, that would be down to you to provide if required. RMA Trackdays have a section on insurers if you’re looking for ideas, I have no personal experience of any of them but I know and trust the guys at RMA so it’s where I would start.

Be sure to mention that is a driver training day, as opposed to a track day, they are quite different experiences and it may make a difference to the cost.

One thing I would say, a course with me at Millbrook is safer than a trackday in many ways. Apart from the simple fact that we are there to actively improve skills and reduce risk, Millbrook requires every vehicle to either be driven by a permit holder such as myself, or accompanied by one, as in the case of a client such as yourself. Whether that difference is appreciated by any given insurance provider, I don’t know, but it can’t hurt to ask.