Full Day Course

Even if you attended every track day possible throughout the year, you’d still cover way more miles away from tracks and undoubtedly would be exposed to a greater variety of challenges and dangers than any single track could throw at you! But more to the point for me is that road driving is where I take the most pleasure from the act of it, or should I say art?

We would meet up in the morning, perhaps sitting over a coffee and go through your specific requirements from the day, which are nearly always discussed over the phone prior to even booking a course anyway, before heading off on some wonderful driving routes which will have been carefully selected to challenge and inspire you to enhance your driving skills. You will be encouraged to drive naturally at the start of the day so that I can see your existing driving style, with the whole experience taking a relaxed and conversational tone from start to finish.

Throughout the morning, and continuing after a break for lunch, you will be gently coached and potentially offered demonstration drives to strengthen or reinforce the techniques advocated, if and when appropriate.

At no time will you be made to feel that you are on a test, this is meant to be enjoyable after all. Much better to simply discuss and explore the ‘art’ of driving your own particular motor car, with the aim that you aspire to become the best, most accomplished driver you can be and creating the desire to keep developing each time you take the wheel.

Half Day Course

As with the full day course we will meet up and discuss the day ahead, before heading out on the road. This course essentially covers the same topics but with the obvious reduction of time spent driving, and in my personal view I would encourage clients to take a full day whenever and wherever possible, because you can sometimes find lunch arrives too quickly and you’ve only just started to get your teeth into the subject. But people are busy of course, so this option is offered for those who may find it difficult to spare a full day of their time or those who wish to take courses in different cars, with many clients choosing to spread their coaching over a few sessions in light of this.

Contact me directly to discuss your own personal requirements, the various packages available and to book the course best suited to you.

Course Content

Every course is specifically tailored to the individual to ensure a truly bespoke experience but will typically cover:

  • Connection – Deepening your connection with the activity of driving is probably the single biggest change you can make in your driving. Before you get to any other topic, thought, idea, technique, concept; all of them will be better considered, understood, clarified, critiqued, applied and executed if you are more connected. Be that physically, mentally, morally, spiritually.

  • Driving psychology – The determining factor in how, and more importantly, WHY you do everything else.

  • Space – For me, this is THE  key thing, simply because every collision in the history of the motor car has involved at least one party running out of space!

  • Observation – What to look for and how to do it effectively.

  • Anticipation – Now you’ve seen it, what will it do? There are only two possible answers and only four possible responses available to you…

  • Space - Preventing a lack of it and making others leave more around you.

  • Understanding speed – This is directly influenced by the more pressing issues of space, vision and time.

  • Vehicle dynamics – How the laws of physics dictate the way you should apply your steering, throttle and brake inputs, developing both your technique and precision whilst deepening your understanding of the specific characteristics of your chosen vehicle.

  • Control – I mean this quite differently from physical car control. It’s about controlling your environment, controlling those who share it with you and having full control over your own safety, whilst ensuring the safety of others by default.

  • Space – It’s a bit like cash; best to have plenty in reserve and to remember that the world turns very bleak, very quickly when you run out.

  • Confidence – Now this may not apply to everyone but if you lack confidence behind the wheel and want to do something about it, then please get in touch today. We all need a boost of confidence now and then, in all manner of ways through life, and being able to help people in this regard and see them drive away happier, knowing that their confidence will continue to grow each time they drive, really is the single most rewarding part of my job. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s a speciality of mine.

  • Did I mention space?