In Bernard’s own words:

I have thoroughly enjoyed my life in fast cars of every description but having now retired for the last few years (and being deficient in the leg department) I have no hesitation in recommending a lovely chap who is a driving consultant for Porsche Cars Great Britain and owners of other prestigious marques, Robert Colbourn. I would like to think that Robert is now carrying on where I left off and I thoroughly recommend anybody, who is looking to improve their skills as a serious driver, spend some time to attend one of a variety of courses that Robert now runs."

Rob says:

Bernard was once described to me, by former F1 driver and Le Mans winner Richard Attwood, as ‘Simply the best road instructor in the country’; a compliment that Bernard would humbly refute.

To have met Bernard when I was a trainee instructor, some 15 years ago now, was the most fantastic stroke of luck. To have proven myself worthy of the mantle of his ‘protégé’ however, is not luck. That has been due to my dedication and hard work, embracing his guidance and making the most of having him as my own personal mentor, still to this very day.

I’ll never claim to be the best in the business (because I already know him!) but I can certainly be to my clients what Bernard was to his; the logical choice of who to call when you want to improve your driving skills. 

I can think of no higher honour or privilege, than to carry his legacy forward.

Rob is very much the spiritual successor to Bernard Aubry, and re-reading what I wrote about Bernard for Circuit Driver fifteen years ago, I’m struck by how Rob has moved the game on to take account of the more crowded roads of the 21st century.

Andrew Dent

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