I have been on many trackdays and I wanted to improve my driving skills and was introduced to Rob through RMA Trackdays. After much discussion on what I wanted from his coaching and what he could provide, we decided on a combination of road work and ‘track’ work at Millbrook. Learning at Millbrook removed the ‘track’ mind-set while still providing all the security of not having to worry about road hazards. Ultimately I learnt how to get more from the car by putting less in, driving the car at a much higher pace but within a much greater safety margin. I learnt the capabilities of the car, how to get the best from the car without thrashing it. Rob provided the perfect blend of road awareness and performance driver training. I would highly recommend his services whether you are high mileage business driver looking to make every car journey less stressful or a performance driving enthusiast looking to get more from man and machine on road and track

Robert John Cadiz