You're never too old to learn they say and even with 45 years driving behind me this turned out to be true.

I spent two days with Rob as a trainer on the road in my beloved but humble Alfa and as my consultant with the Porsche Driving Experience. It is very rare to encounter someone who is not only a master of his craft but who has such a dedicated passion and commitment to pass on that mastery to his clients.

If you bring an open mind and willingness to be taught you will be a better, safer, driver after spending time with Rob.

You will know where to look (and where not to look!), and how to manage your vehicle with less effort and more mechanical sympathy. Your road craft will improve and you will become a smoother, quicker, driver on track if that is your wish.

If you care about driving and want to be a better driver, if you recognise that driving is an art requiring close attention and capable of endless improvement, you could not invest more wisely than on one of Rob's courses. He also happens to be a really decent, kind bloke and very good company. Go for it, 'cast your line' as Rob would say, you will have a fine catch and you will not regret it

Paul Foster